High Quality Multi-Purpose Cenospheres

High Quality Multi-Purpose Cenospheres

CAMEX is a REACH registered importer of high quality cenospheres from a number of countries, with emphasis on Kazakhstan and Russia.

CAMEX REACH Registration number filed with ECHA: 01-2119563688-21
CAS Number: 93924-19-7
EINECS Number: 300-212-6

CAMEX employs a certified processing facility for fractionizing, tailor made treatment and state-of-the-art packaging into paper bags and big bags in the close proximity of the city of Berlin and a further installation in the Middle East for its Asian customers mainly.

Our cenospheres show the following reference parameters:

  • light grey to almost white color
  • bulk density 0.35 – 0.45 g/cm³
  • specific gravity 0.70 – 0.95  g/cm³
  • humidity < 0.3 %
  • Al2O3 > 35 %
  • SiO2 > 55 %
  • Fractions: 100µ, 125, 150µ, 300µ, 500µ
  • Packing: 20 kg paper bags and 500Kg Big Bags on pallets
  • Shipping - DAP by truck or CIF/FOB in a sea container to any destination

Cenospheres reduce product weight, assure low thermal conductivity, boost fluidity and increase temperature resistance.
Typical applications are construction and isolating concrete, aluminum sandwich and fireboard wall panels as well as polymers and plastics.