Cenospheres, specialty metals, rare earths

Cenospheres, specialty metals, rare earths

CAMEX GmbH is an international trading and consulting company with its headquarters located in Aschaffenburg, Germany.

Our main products are secondary raw materials, non-ferrous, specialty metals, concentrates containing base and specialty metals as well as rare earths. Further we supply our customers with ores and mineral concentrates used either for subsequent refinery or in the alloying industry.

We also offer high quality cenospheres (alumina silica microspheres) sourced from and produced by associated Kazakh producers in compliance with international standards (see available TDS and CoAs).


Please visit our  market place for online orders of cenospheres and selected metals and alloys. You can select your material of choice and can either buy online directly for smaller quantities or request a transport quote for supply for any quantity starting with one pallet with paper bags or big bags ex our warehouses and/or transport DAP to your destination anytime!

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